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Independent Software Testing Services

In an increasingly omni-channel world, we think beyond functional testing by mapping testing requirements to the business needs of your customers.

Testing should not be an afterthought. It should be an integral part of the entire software development process, with testing plans designed along with functional specifications. If this is done, failures and bugs can be caught early on during the development process, saving businesses a substantial amount of money.

And as users move beyond desktops to mobile there is an urgent need to incorporate mobile application testing in the software development life cycle.

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Alexander Frontier Founder & CEO, Political Matchmakers, LLC
QuoteOur site was a rather complex platform to develop and it required a thorough QC process to ensure all functionalities were performing according to specification. The QC team did a terrific job identifying bugs before we did and rectifying them.Quote

Software Testing Portfolio

Net Solutions' Software Testing services for bug free code

Our software development process aims at shipping bug free, stable and reliable code.

And a big part of this process includes software testing.

Depending on the project we incorporate different types of tests in the testing cycle. They include

  • Platform testing
  • Compatibility and interoperability testing
  • Alpha and beta testing
  • Destructive testing
  • Usability and software performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Network carrier testing
  • Mobile Application testing
  • Automated and manual testing
  • Independent software testing
QuoteAs an ISO 9001 certified and a CMMI level 3 ready organization, we rigorously test code so that deliverables are as bug free as possible.Quote

All these tests ensure that the product will meet your and your users' expectations.

Don't settle for poorly designed and shoddy untested software. Invest time and money in quality control and reap the benefits of satisfied and loyal users.

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