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Engagement Models

Outsourcing does not come with a manual or a FAQ.

It's like eating a full course lunch at a local friend's home when you are abroad. You don't know what the tastes would be, you don't know how many dishes will be served and you have no clue as to how your body will react.

We don't want you to feel like you have a severe case of Delhi Belly during or after our outsourcing engagement. We want your experience to be like that meal you have pleasant memories of even though it happened seven years ago.

And one way to ensure that is for you to know how we work.

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Pick and choose or mix and match

We generally work by these three engagement models; however we can tweak them to meet your requirements.

  • Dedicated-Offshore-Resources

    Agile Team Resources

    What is it: You hire an Agile team to work dedicatedly on your project and deliver a tangible prototype within 12 weeks. The team delivers something concrete every two weeks and seeks your feedback. This helps you in planning your costs for the project and what you will spend each week for the resources you hire.

    How does it work: You, as the founder/product owner, will provide us initial requirements which could be either an idea or a concept, or a loose ended scope or a feature list. Based on the initial requirements and your ideal time to market, we will allocate an Agile team with resources best suited for the job.

    Not only that, we will also tell you the monthly cost you will be paying for these resources and what scope we will be delivering every month so that you don't have to worry whether you will ever raise funds for the complete project scope but rather you can show something to the investors and raise money or receive valuable feedback on how to improve further, until it is accepted in the market.

    This also gives you the flexibility to scale up or scale down the resources. The team will report directly and regularly to you and you have control over all aspects of the project. We will monitor the project for quality standards and step in whenever necessary.

    Who should use it: Anyone who does not have well defined project scope to estimate the effort and cost but still want a faster delivery.

  • Fixed-Price

    Fixed Price

    What is it: This is the commonly used "this project costs x" model. There is a freezing of project requirements, written deadlines and pre determined budgets.

    How does it work: After we work out the project requirements, milestones, deadlines and budget we will assemble a team and get to work.

    Depending on project needs we may change the number of people working on the project. However, there will always be a project manager who will regularly update you on the progress of the project. Your personal involvement in this model may be more than in the Dedicated Offshore Resources model

    Who should use it: If you need to define, design, build and support a single development project you should go for this model.

  • Time-And-Material

    Time and material

    What is it:This is the pay as you go model, with billings based on how much time has been invested.

    How does it work: We will assign people with a wide range of skill sets to work on the project. They can start working without the need for a detailed specification.

    We will also change the composition of the team based on the contours of the project. As with other models you will be assigned a project manager to keep the lines of communication clear.

    Who should use it: If the requirements and scope of the project is constantly evolving this model is the best for you.

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