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Distributed Agile Development

When you work across multiple time zones with tight delivery schedules and a fluid business environment Distributed Agile is your ticket to contented customers and buoyant bottomlines.

The traditional model of software development with distinct phases like planning, coding, testing and shipping take place in a sequence does not work in many cases.

For one, it takes too much time. For another, requirements often change rapidly and by the time deliverables are ready they might get obsolete.

In such cases, Agile development-rapid prototyping, taking in user feedback and incorporating it into the next version of the released code-works wonders.

But Agile development comes with multiple challenges, especially if you are planning to outsource part or whole of the project development work.

Some of them are

  • Because of frequent release cycles pressure on developers, testers and managers to deliver code increases manifold.
  • Maintaining that crucial feedback loop between users and developers is hard.
  • Software specifications keep on changing continuously and the team has to be nimble to keep up.
Building a co-located team that can successfully pull off Agile is challenging enough. Finding an outsourcing partner, often located thousands of miles away, rooted in a different culture and who can be trusted to understand your business challenges can seem to be a pipe dream.last-Quote

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Net Solutions and Agile Development

We understand Agile and outsourcing. Which is why when you want to outsource a part of your project and want it done using Agile techniques we

Some of them are

  • Take the time to understand the business pain the product is meant to resolve.
  • Establish clear lines of communications so that you know what we are doing, and communicate and update regularly
  • Set up clear roles and responsibilities for all team members.
  • Ask for and analyse feedback from your customers and incorporate it in the next release
  • Release on a fixed schedule, so that continuity and reliability is maintained
  • Share a daily or continuous build so that both your and our team is working on common code
  • Use the same ticket manager or bug tracker system that you use.

Push through update cycles, cut out waste and ship code without compromising on quality.


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