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Digital Experience for Mobile Advertising Giant

How Velti, a global mobile advertising giant, used HTML5 technology to showcase their work to clients and investors

Ina Murdock-Santos
Vice President (Brand Management), Velti

They're not just contractors; they're an extension of my in-house marketing team and live and breathe the Velti brand. I couldn't be more happy with the level of service, support and commitment I receive from Net Solutions.Last-Quote


Velti is a leading global marketing platform that enables brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators, and media groups to connect with and reach their audience through innovative mobile advertising and marketing campaigns. With a global footprint in over 15 countries, Velti provides industry-leading mobile marketing solutions to more than 1900 brands, including Fortune 500 companies.

The Problem

Having worked with hundreds of global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, Velti was now looking to showcase their work, and the solutions they offer, to their investors and prospective clients. And to achieve this objective, Velti envisioned an iPad-optimized app or iPad magazine (an iPad case study library) which would showcase case studies from Velti's comprehensive portfolio.

The Challenge

  • Drawing Investors and Clients

    Since 2001, Velti had been developing and executing highly interactive, innovative, and successful mobile advertising and marketing campaigns for organizations around the globe. In order to achieve more business growth, it was highly crucial for Velti to draw key investors and clients by showcasing their best work in the best possible format.

  • Delivering Rich User Experience

    Being in the mobile advertising and marketing domain, Velti has a highly active and mobile savvy audience. To meet the expectations of its audience, it was very important for Velti to deliver a rich user experience. Features like multi-touch swipe functionality and navigation had to be first-rate in order for the app to be presentable.


The Solution

  • App-Migration
    App Migration

    To make the app responsive to multiple mobile platforms and screen sizes, it was coded in HTML5 and JavaScript. The responsive design ensured that the app displayed consistently on multiple devices. The code was then ported to the Phone Gap platform to make the app native.

  • Image-Optimization
    Image Optimization

    Velti had a large volume of high resolution images that were to be showcased in the app without affecting the app's performance. Therefore the images were optimized using image caching to reduce the image load time.

The Result

  • Reduced Development Effort

    Using HTML5 and Phone Gap, the amount of effort required for development was minimized. It helped reduce the development lifecycle and development cost.

  • On-Time, On-Budget Delivery

    The project was a win-win for both Velti and Net Solutions. It was completed well ahead of the deadline and within budget. It helped Velti to save valuable time and bring the product to intended audience much before it was expected.

  • Improved Presentation of Velti Case Studies

    The case study library app helped Velti in showcasing their quality work through case studies and explaining the benefits of their services in a very impressive way.

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