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How Net Solutions helped, The Style Library launch a unique fashion eCommerce website on Magento platform with all their custom business processes implemented


The brainchild of Olah Inc., a textile marketing, development and sales agency established in 1959; The Style Library LLC is an equally classy concept from this fashion house. This eCommerce store offers high-end vintage collections of apparels, footwear and similar classical fashion accessories on rent to designers, stylists and photographers. Meant for a selected class this collection will be available to you if you are worth it!

The Problem

Olah Inc. stated their specification for an eStore by the name of The Style Library LLC, designed to serve an exclusive class of customers. Only accepted customers of The Style Library were meant to view and hire these vintage fashion products; yet the interested visitors needed to be paid equal attention when being treated as applicants.

Their requirement stated following an organized procedure so as to be able to work with and maintain an esteemed clientele. Maintaining the inventory of this unique store, along with sending regular reminders to customers who have hired some product was amongst the important requisites.

Integrating easy payment options to make the experience of the customers pleasant and smooth was also a major condition in the project. Our major focus was on providing a solution which identified the different stages the clients would fall into and respond to them accordingly.

The Challenge
  • Notifications

    The visitors to The Style Library LLC were divided into three categories:

    a. Strangers – first time users who had not registered with the website

    b. Applicants – those who have registered or signed up but are yet to be approved by the website Admin

    c. Customers – Approved visitors who have access to all the pages of the website and can place orders

    We needed to customize the Magento platform so that these different customer types could be integrated in the fashion eStore.

    Manageable Terms and Conditions

    Apart from the product details and inventory management; the staff who would be taking care of the different functionalities also needed to be managed. Hence, a hierarchical admin and sub-admin system was required to be integrated in the ecommerce site of the client.

  • The-Style-Library-Key-Challenges
  • Tailoring the Products Section Differently for Various Users

    Since the visitors and customers were categorized differently; the image of the products were not meant to be displayed to all in the same way. For instance, the website needed to be customized such that the first-time visitors needed to sign up before being able to access or properly view any image and only accepted customers could hire products.

    Adaptable Shopping Cart and Inventory Management Styles

    The eStore The Style Library LLC required smart inventory management styles, since the rented items needed to be removed from the product's list and added back again once they have been returned by the customer. We also needed to make the payment procedure hassle-free for the clients. Moreover, the customers who had hired these fashion products, were to be informed about the terms and conditions as well as reminded through mails about the approaching return date of the products.

The Solution
  • Magento-Website
    Personalized Magento Website that Identified Different Visitors

    We suggested the most suitable solution for our client's requirements, which was a customized Magento ecommerce website. The applicants (ones who had registered with the website but were yet to be approved by the website admin) could add items to their cart or wish list, although they could go through the hiring and checkout process only after becoming confirmed customers.

  • Super-Admin
    Creating Admin and Sub-admin for Trouble free Management

    There will be a Super Admin with the authority to add, edit or delete staff members and also assign roles to the latter. For instance, the data entry staff or shipping status staff had specific roles, while the Managerial Staff had more roles and hence they could manage content and add or view reports too.

    The sub-admins were to be managed by these super admins and they would have access only to their role-specific content.

  • Third-Party-Tools
    Integration of Third Party Tools for Smooth Management

    We incorporated Follow up Email Magento Extension for easing the reminder and follow-up email process. The PayPal Pro payment gateway was integrated for a secured payment facility and FedEx Shipping tool so that the customers could track their orders.

    Also we made the website responsive to ensure that it suited well to the need of fashion professionals who are tech-savvy.

  • Tailoring-Image-Viewing
    Tailoring Image Viewing and Redirecting Strangers to Sign-up

    The website was tailored such that any stranger visiting the website could only view low resolution images. They needed to register with the website in order to view the high resolution images. We integrated Imagemagick API that helped in the resolution conversion without any trouble.

The Result

The Style Library LLC with its magnificent collection has an urbane clientele and with the aid of a well-managed website they have been able to attract numerous professionals from the fashion industry to become their close customers.

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