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Digital Voting Portal For US Elections

How Political Matchmakers, LLC, a startup covering US politics, developed a Political Dating Platform that attracted over 5,200 users within a short span of 3 months during the 2012 U.S. presidential elections


BlueStateDate and RedStateDate are two political dating websites that connect politically like-minded people, giving them an opportunity to discuss their opinions on politics and politicians, and find compatible matches.

The Problem

Political Matchmakers, LLC wanted to develop two political dating websites – and – targeted toward Democrats and Republicans. The goal was to integrate a full range of social networking features on the dating websites so as to encourage political opinions and dialog among potential matches.

In addition, the websites would also help members to have the most comprehensive view possible of where each individual stands on the important political issues.

The Challenge
  • Large Member Base

    Since the websites were scheduled to be launched around the 2012 U.S. presidential elections, a major user activity was expected. The challenge was to create a resilient website architecture that could handle a large user base and the resulting data.

  • Integration of a Real-Time Chat Tool

    Both websites needed a real-time chat tool to add value to the social networking capabilities of the websites.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    To manage transactions and subscriptions on BlueStateDate and RedStateDate websites, Political Matchmakers required a reliable and secure payment gateway to be integrated with the websites.

The Solution
  • Scalable-Website-Architecture
    Scalable Website Architecture

    Anticipating a heavy traffic load on the websites, load balancing was implemented both at the server side and at the application level. It made the websites' architecture scalable enough to handle heavy user traffic.

  • Comment-Chat-Tool
    Integration of Comment Chat Tool

    Comment Chat, a third-party chat tool was used instead of developing a new chat tool from scratch. It saved us valuable development time and also gave us access to stable modules compatible with multiple browsers.

  • Payment-Gateway-Implementation
    Recurly Payment Gateway Implementation

    Custom code was written for the Recurly client so that Recurly's API services could be used to manage transactions and subscriptions. Some customized clients APIs were also introduced to customize the Recurly payment gateway.

  • Social-Presence
    Social Presence

    A Facebook Page was also created to make the dating websites fully loaded with social networking features.

The Result
  • High User Engagement

    Both BlueStateDate and RedStateDate websites were a huge success, attracting over 5,200 users within a short span of 3 months during the U.S. presidential elections in 2012.

  • Substantial Media Coverage

    The dating websites were featured on major media sites like ABC News and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which added to the visibility and popularity of the websites.

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