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Magento Store for Dave's Pet Shack LLC

How Net Solutions helped Dave's Pet Shack LLC in building an amazing web retail store on Magento for man's best friend


David Stokes, owner of Dave's Pet Shack LLC was inspired by Scout, his dog and close friend to start a retail business catering to all the needs of dogs. He wanted a website where one could easily avail everything that can please their pooches. David only deals in quality products from the best manufacturers and believes in sharing useful information that enhances your relationship with your canine.

The Problem

The client's requirement was to design and develop an eCommerce website using Magento Community Edition for selling dog products. Enthused by the design of a similar website, he approached us to come up with something on parallel grounds. Since David's strong points are his high-standards of product and services, he wanted his user search to be highlighted under the following groups:

  • The brands he deals in
  • Names of the items on sale
  • The products on sale
  • Prices of the products
  • The categories under which the dogs would be sorted

Considering the expectations of the client we needed to come up with superior quality images and user interface that reflected eminent services.

The Challenge

Our team of Magento expert developers never faced any issues in the coding or development job. The project seemed plain sailing in the initial stages, however the challenges started cropping-up in the later half of the execution stage.

  • Hosting Issues

    The Server Hosting created problems on Windows while trying to make the site live. The website would turn slow taking longer than expected to load the pages. We knew this would lead to highly adverse effects on the client's business, hence a feasible solution had to be suggested immediately.

  • Image Uploading Trouble

    The next complication arose with the most important aspect of the website, images. The pictures would get uploaded in the backend, however stay invisible on the front-end. David had stressed on the importance of high-quality images and we had to ensure that this vital requirement was fulfilled without any glitch.

The Solution
  • Linux-Compatibilty
    Shifting to Linux

    With our earlier experiences and knowledge of Magento projects, we were able to deduce that Magento is more compatible with Linux than Windows. Hence, we suggested the client to opt for Linux OS. The good part was that he accepted our recommendation straightaway, a sign of good client-rapport.

  • GD-Library
    Increasing PHP memory limit and Installing GD Library

    Without a GD library it is not possible to resize images in Magento. However, here we also needed to increase the PHP limit along with the configuration of the GD library. Once this was taken care of, the project turned into a piece of cake.

The Result

Increase in Revenue and Traffic

The Magento web store proved profitable for David and there was a considerable rise in the graph of his ROI. For us, the pleasure was a contented client and another successful project in our expanding portfolio.

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