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Premium eCommerce experience
selling ethnic Indian Products

How Jaypore succeeded in creating a unique storytelling experience via a native iPad e-commerce app to showcase ethnic Indian products to the world


Jaypore is an elite, private sales consumer brand that brings the best ethnic Indian products from artisans and craftsmen from all over India, and delivers them at exceptional value to their elite customers around the globe. Jaypore focuses on products, including home decor, accessories, jewelry, apparel, gifts, and vintage items with unique, high-quality craftsmanship.

The Problem

Jaypore wanted to connect their exclusive customers to local Indian artisans and craftsmen. The idea was to create an iPad app, powered by a strong e-commerce engine, which could deliver a media-rich, storytelling experience, and communicate the authenticity and heritage of unique ethnic Indian products.

The Challenge
  • Unmatched user experience

    User experience was a top priority for Jaypore. More than the unique creations by local Indian artisans and craftsmen, the story of the artists, craft, region, and history were the central focus of Jaypore experience that would draw consumers in and create an emotional connection.

  • Multiple image browsing

    Jaypore provided high-quality product images to be displayed in the iPad app. During the app development, we faced the challenge of creating a flawless image browsing experience with pixel-perfect quality. It was the high-res images which made the image size quite large. While flipping through the images, the app response time increased, resulting in image overlapping.

  • Customization and creation of backend modules

    Many of the Jaypore app features required customizing existing modules or writing new modules in Magento. It was specifically tricky because the Magento code is written by third-party developers.

  • Secure e-commerce experience

    Jaypore has exclusive customers around the globe who buy limited edition items from local artists and craftsmen. It was essential to ensure that the system is backed by a highly secure authentication and transaction mechanism to let customers carry out safe transactions from anywhere in the world.

The Solution
  • multithreading-technique
    Use of multithreading technique for enhanced iPad browsing experience

    In order to solve the multiple image browsing issue on iPad, multithreading technique was used for downloading images on different (secondary) threads instead on primary thread, which helped reduce the system response time and prevented images form overlapping.

    The multithreading technique backed the entire storytelling concept of Jaypore app, and made the app browsing experience extremely delightful and smooth on iPad devices.

  • magento-based-backend-solution
    Magento based backend solution with customized modules

    A backend admin interface was built on Magento CMS, which enabled the admin to manage app content, such as banners, pages, events, product listings, images and other elements of the Jaypore app. To create new modules and customize existing modules, code was re-written in Magento, to meet the project requirements.

  • agile-development-methodology
    Agile development methodology

    When Jaypore approached Net Solutions, they already had the app designs ready with them and they wanted to make the app up and running as soon as possible. Keeping in mind the project timelines, agile development methodology was followed, which helped reduce the overall delivery cycle.

  • payment-gateway
    Payment gateway integration

    The third-party payment gateway, Braintree was implemented, which provided a robust and secure e-commerce transaction mechanism for Jaypore app. Magento 'Reward Points' functionality was integrated with the Jaypore e-commerce platform, which enabled users to get reward points on referring friends.

  • social-sharing
    Social sharing

    Social sharing was another feature that was added to the iPad app to make the Jaypore experience sharable. It included integration of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email sharing functionalities.

The Result
  • Connecting artists and consumers

    The whole idea of Jaypore was to convey the story, heritage, history, and craft behind local creations to the world. The Jaypore app made it possible to connect the local artists and craftsmen with global consumers, and made Indian designs feel at home anywhere in the world.

  • Unique shopping experience

    Jaypore provided unique shopping experience to its customers by communicating authenticity and heritage of the product. High quality images, product stories, and flawlessly designed UI made the overall Jaypore experience delightful for users.

  • Robust and secure e-commerce solution

    The Magento based e-commerce platform was meticulously built to ensure highest level of security in the authentication and payment processing mechanism. All web services were secured, and Braintree payment gateway made the system PCI DSS compliant with reliable and secure transaction processing framework.

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