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How we helped ISAIX Technologies build cross-platform, cross-device corporate training experience using HTML5


The Burst app is an innovative cross platform, cross device corporate training tool aimed at making the learning experience more engaging for the modern day workforce and equipping them with knowledge and skills required to excel at their jobs.

The Problem

Being a leading provider of a wide range of proprietary technologies, learning tools, and educational experiences to global brands since 1989, ISAIX Technologies realized that their legacy Bust Server Tool (BST) needs a complete makeover to meet evolving customer needs and rapid technological advances.

ISAIX wanted to upgrade the technology behind BST Tool and rebuild the tool from scratch, so that the front-end solution is compatible with multiple devices, thus increasing accessibility and usability of the tool.

Finding a right outsourcing partner was a big challenge as this was the first project ISAIX had ever outsourced. There were concerns like effective communication, reliability, and quality of the engagement.

The Challenge
  • Cross platform-device compatibility

    One of the key challenges of the project was to make Burst app compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows and Apple desktop operating systems.

  • Migration to HTML5

    The existing front-end solution was based on Flash, but to make the app multi-device compatible, it needed to be migrated to HTML5. The migration proved to be very challenging as ISAIX wanted similar Flash-based features in the new HTML5-based app.

  • SCORM compliance

    The application was SCORM compliant and multilingual functionality was implemented so as to reach a wider audience.

  • New media capabilities

    To live up to the ever-changing technology requirements of corporate learning community, ISAIX wanted an app with new media capabilities, including multimedia features, and multiple content highlighting.

The Solution
  • Technology-HTML5

    While developing the Burst app from the ground up, a perfect mix of HTML5, .NET, SQL Server, jQuery, Ajax, and JavaScript technologies were used to create a robust and highly compatible solution.

  • Develop-POC
    Testing the inevitable

    To determine applicability of the Burst app, we decided to develop a POC (Proof of Concept) to test the most challenging features – like implementation of zoom-in/zoom-out, text highlight etc. using HTML 5.

  • Agile-Development-Methodology
    Agile Development Methodology

    Once the POC was successful, AGILE development methodology was used to complete the entire project in three phases.

  • Rich-Internet-Applications
    Use of Rich Internet Applications

    To meet performance requirements of Burst app, the implementation of the website's backend solution was done using Microsoft Silverlight, which made the app run faster and display content accurately on the web.

The Result
  • Cross Platform Cross Device Experience

    The new HTML5-based Burst app displayed various content modules consistently across multiple screens – laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones – which improved the app's accessibility and receptiveness.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    ISAIX was able to reduce the time-to-market of Burst app through our fixed price engagement model and AGILE development methodology, which eventually resulted in significant cost savings for ISAIX.

  • Project Quality

    With the way our team handled the project, the communication, and the final solution delivery, we were able to win ISAIX's confidence in our expertise related to mobile solutions development. The long term association between ISAIX and Net Solutions is the testimony to our commitment to quality.

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