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An iPhone App For Working Mothers To Keep
Their Kids Engaged In Fun Games

This iOS app we developed for our client has helped mothers and nannies wiped out with ideas, keep their little ones busy with enjoyable fun games.


When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. – Walt Disney
Our Client, Neva Elliott a photographer and an equally dedicated mother came up with a sui generis concept for both parents and little ones. She wanted an iOS application for played out moms to keep their zippy juniors, occupied all day with fun-filled activities. And thus was born ‘Busy Little Kids’.

The Problem

The aim of building this app was to help children rediscover the art of merriment with creativity, rather than getting hooked on to technology. Hence, the need was to build an application that parents could identify with, right from its look and usability and so would the kids.

There were 100 educational, uncostly ideas accompanied with photographs that needed to be presented to the target audience. Putting each of these in their relevant categories with an enhanced charm for the suggested age-group required inventiveness on the part of the designer as well as developer.

The Challenge
  • As Steve Jobs once said, “Simplicity is hard to achieve”, we actually learnt it when building this app.

  • The biggest challenge here was creating a simple design. An easy-to-use experience that proves useful for both parents and nannies sounded like an easy job; but when put into execution, this simplification task turned out to be the most difficult one.

  • In order to make this app work, we needed to wear the hats of moms and slip into the shoes of kids.

The Solution
  • Favourite-Activities
    Ability to Favourite Activities

    We added the ‘Love It’ button to help the users select certain activities, as their favourites to be referred to later.

  • Follow-Button
    Adding the Follow Button

    Having a ‘Follow’ button on the landing page, was suggested to the client so that users could instantly share the app with their friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Minimalistic-Design
    Simple and minimalistic design

    Considering the target audience which was parents, nannies and even kids in certain cases, the design team made sure that the app’s experience stayed simple but still interesting. We were particularly selective in choosing colours, fonts, typography and using pastel effect.

The Result
  • The app is doing very well and is a big hit amongst target audience. Busy Little Kids has been ranked amongst the Top 10 iOS apps in the Australian App Store since its launch.

    Neva Elliot is also preparing to launch an Android app after the success of Busy Little Kids iPhone app.

  • In the words of the client, “I chose Net Solutions for their clean design concepts, and friendly professional approach. Net Solutions took my vision, and made it a reality. Nothing was too much trouble, with timely and helpful advice.”

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