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This is what Ken and Steve, Directors of an Australian startup have to say about us

A few weeks ago, Ken Kades and Steve Brendish who represent an Australian start-up and are trying to build a mobile app for a niche market came down to India and spent some time with Net Solutions team, sharing their vision and working closely with the development team.
We are grateful to them for sharing with us, their experience of working with Net Solutions.

Here is the excerpts of their interview:

Why did you outsource development for your start-up?

Steve Brendish: When we first came up with the idea for this product and were looking for resources in Australia, we also found some option over here in India. After doing some careful weighing of the pros and cons of both, we decide to come out to India.

Why did you choose net solutions as your development partner?

Steve Brendish: I did some research online and also found Net Solutions through Google and went on to the website which looked very professional. It was a very good first impression; some of the clients Net Solutions had were extremely impressive. So we then took it to the next stage by actually making contact and then eventually decided to go with the Net Solutions and then we decided to actually come over here and visit.

What engagement model did you choose?

Ken Kades: As a start-up one of our considerations is also cost. We were presented with a couple of options by Net Solutions, one of them was a fixed- cost model and the other was a dedicated-resource model. Now as start-up you couldn’t really define the product in its entirety upfront, so the fixed cost model was not really practical for either party. The dedicated resource model worked really well for us, because we know that we can actually forecast our cost only when moving forward. And it also provides the flexibility for us to add resources as and when required; be it from the development perspective where struggling with day fix or making changes to the project specification of the one implemented was required. It just provides us with a lot of flexibility and also gives us a certainty with the cost management and cost planning on a month to month basis.

How has it been like working with Net Solutions?

Ken Kades: Okay, being a start-up a certain amount of flexibility and liquidity with respect to a product design; we’ve been able to implement more hybrid type model in terms of process. It’s a hybrid between traditional waterfall method and the agile mythology.

Net Solutions typically work under the agile methodology in day to day, work however with our product development they have been extremely flexible adopting what we want to achieve with the product and schedule etc. So from a process prospective they managed to be extremely flexible and suit our needs and what we require as a customer intended reporting strategic management. So from that perspective it’s been a really positive experience for us and you know we are getting the desired outcome we want.

What do you have to say about the team who worked on this project?

Ken Kades: Outsourcing in general has been of a bad rep, it’s more difficult to communicate with developers. However when I put images in place, of coming here and having regular meetings and so forth I think that’s really helped us. And it was our plan to actually come here and meet the guys and spend a prolong period of time. They have been extremely welcoming and helped us totally with our product; and the openness displayed when it comes to putting the hand up and saying ‘look I don’t understand’ it is normally a problem with Indian outsourcing firm, which we didn’t face here.

So from that perspective our impression has been a good one and the product we’ve developed with the developers since we’ve been here has been great. And this will be helpful for us to continue in the future because product will continue to evolve for a long time.

Steve Brendish: They have also been really good at putting in some extra time when we’ve asked them. For example: I was asked before I arrived, if I would want working on Saturdays; they are great professionals for they have been coming on Saturdays.

Ken Kades: Yeah that’s really important to us as a customer too, you need to get your responses from the resources or dedication. When we first came here one of the first thing we said was “you know don’t treat this as our product, treat it like your product and really get into it. This product is yours, you are building it, you have a major role in designing it and for that sole purpose you need to be part of the work you do and need to commit to the work you do.”

All the guys in the team have been really receptive to this idea so essentially it’s been really positive. We know a lot of developers in Australia as well and sometimes you wish your developers in Australia had the same type of commitment to the product.

In your experience with Net Solutions, does anything standout?

Ken Kades: So one of the other considerations for us as a start-up in software development is the transparency of the team and Net Solutions has provided us with transparency throughout the project, even with the product development whether its schedules, costs, or team management. They have been upfront and honest which we as customers really appreciate. The team has also been rally engaging with us whilst we have been here in India so that to make sure we feel welcomed and have been very hospitable, which has also been positive for me and my team.

Once again, we will like to thanks Ken and Steve for taking out time and sharing their thoughts in this interview. We will continue to delight them with our work and wish them good luck for their endeavors.

About the Author
Rohit Dogra
Rohit Dogra leads Marketing at Net Solutions. A technology enthusiast, he tries to understand marketing from everything around him; from people, brands, stories etc. He is a firm believer that the best work comes at the intersection of various functions. For the last 14 years, he has played various roles of a Business Analyst, Presales Consultant, Sales Guy and Marketer. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his son, cycle around the city, going for long walks and reading books. You can reach him via Twitter. His twitter handle is @rohitdogra

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